Sunday, September 28, 2008


Laura did a family portrait in Sunday School today, it was so cute I had to share! I love how Jarod appears to be an afterthought, and has much less attention to clothes, unlike the girls!


The last two weekends have been great! Last weekend our church hosted a car show which the kids really enjoyed. This weekend, we drove up to Georgetown, CO to see some fall color. It was absolutely gorgeous! I won't bore you with TONS of pics, you can see more on our photography blog site. Here's just a sampling of pics from the last two weeks... Jarod is ALWAYS surronded by girls, he love's hangin' with his boys at church!
Jessi & her friend Kory
Jessi & her friend Katie

It's hard to believe fall is already here! Snow is just around the corner, in fact,
it started raining on us up in Georgetown and a couple snowflakes fell on me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Awww, look how they've grown!

I've always loved this picture of Jarod and Laura from April '05.

Sept. '08 (almost 2 1/2 years later!)

They were playing so nicely today and being barefoot in their jeans for some reason made me remember the first pic. I remembered it wrong as you can tell by where we took the updated one but that's ok, they are just too cute! The Lord had to make them that way so we'd keep them after all the mischievousness they get into!!

Oh, and just so you know, Laura LOVES her big brother, I didn't stage her at all, she did this all on her own! Say it with me now, awwwwwww!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I promised you more info, here ya go! Some of you may already know this story, in case you don't, Jessi (she wants it spelled this way now) prayed for a snake... And the Lord answered her prayer! Just before Thanksgiving last year, someone from church GAVE us the exact kind of snake that Jessi wanted, cage, stuff in the cage, and snake! Needless to say, I was thrilled! Since I have allergies, the kids pets choices are limited.

Our first pet was a beta fish. Jenna received him for her 4th b-day. She named him Swiper. He was an easy pet to have, didn't require too much maintenance. I tried to find a picture but couldn't readily find one.

Our next pet came soon after Swiper died, over 2 years later. Jarod received two tree frogs. We had to do the cricket thing which nearly did me in. Weekly visits to the pet store plus live crickets in our "cricket keeper" became very tedious. We set Jimmy and Goddard free almost a year later at a friends pond. This may seem mean but, I have to tell you, it was a better fate than my sister-in-laws frog! Less crunchy, that's for sure!

That was the summer of '06. Jessi had been asking for a snake and John and I just weren't on board. We were already starting to talk of Europe possibly for our 15th Anniversary and thought dealing with a pet would be a drag. Well, Jessi took it to the Lord. That's great and all, that's what we want the kids to do. But I certainly didn't expect Him to answer her prayer, HER way! While our whole family was serving in Biloxi Oct. of '07, Marc, who had come with us from Horizon, got to talking and discovered the snake he was looking for a home for, was just what Jessi had been praying for. We brought him home just before Thanksgiving. Thankfully, we can purchase frozen mice to feed him. It's nasty but I don't have to do any of it. Jess takes care of it all. We tried, ONCE, to feed him a live mouse. While he enjoyed it, it proved to be a bit too traumatic. Having the mouse in a little cage for three hours while we waited to feed Rodriguez didn't help. We even named the mouse, Tinker Jr., that was a bad mistake! We figured Rodriguez would come in fast and get the mouse first try. Nope, we got to witness about 20 min. of high pitched squeaking, and a crazy snake and mouse chase all around the cage. We all jumped every time Tinker jumped and some of the kids turned away when Rodriguez finally did catch her. We have some pictures but I'll spare you. That's an experience we don't feel the need to repeat, EVER!

Tinker Jr.

So, we've had Rodriguez for almost a year and Zach, a youth kid from church, was asking around seeing if anyone wanted his gecko. John and I talked it over and decided that Jarod would probably love it! Another plus, it eats meal worms. They are dormant in cold temperatures so you just keep them in your fridge for easy storage and feeding of the gecko. Jarod decided to keep the name Zack had given her, Geico! We just brought her home Sunday so haven't really seen her much, plus she's nocturnal. We woke her up this afternoon for some blog photo time. She cooperated quite nicely. Jess picked her up but she didn't seem to be too fond of us all staring at her yet. We'll wait another few days.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


When Danny and Terah kept our kids for the weekend, we decided, well, I decided, to surprise Leah and Jenna with a new "room". We had previously found them a trundle bed on craigslist and were storing in a friends garage. Leah and Jenna had been saving their money to purchase one but the deal was they had to keep their room clean. This wasn't working out so well so John and I thought painting their room would help. Plus, that would mean that part was done already when our weekend came, freeing us up for more fun things! We got a few new trinkets, some flowers, a bulletin board, and some new sheets, plus the trundle. Their bulging eyes and squeals of delight were worth it, they love it!
Jarod and Laura received a new valance, sheets and Leah and Jenna's old bunk bed. Plus, Dad painted an orange stripe around their room. They love it and so do I, it's awesome! As you can see on Jarod's dresser, a new pet joined our family. More about pets another day...

Wow, I see why Realtors use wide angle lenses to take pictures of homes they're selling!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is Poppy

Her dad, Mike, has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer

They have no family in town so Poppy has become our resident 2 year old a couple times a week. You forget how energetic a 2 year old can be! Not the mention the fabulousness of NAP TIME! Poppy is a great little girl and Jarod and Laura are thoroughly enjoying having someone to mother, instead of always being mothered themselves! Lucy's mom, Mike's fiancee, is doing a great job of scheduling all the Dr.'s Appointments, not to mention taking care of Poppy!

Please remember to pray for Mike, Lucy and Poppy!

School days...

We often get asked where the kids do school and what a school day might look like for us. This year was the first time I didn't stress starting K with one of the kids. This is our second week and so far, Laura is picking it up real quick! I realized last night that because we home school, I've never done the "First Day of K" pictures with the kids. So, since this is my last opportunity, I did a "first day" pic of all the kids doing school. Yes, they all sit at the kitchen table, in assigned seats. Jess is a Jr., Lucy a freshman, Leah in 7th, Jenna in 4th, Jarod in 2nd and Laura, in K. The older girls are all excited that this is the last year they have to hear the ABC's of ACE songs! I think they're kind of catchy! :-)

Hot Tub...

This last weekend we were blessed to have Danny and Terah watch our kids all weekend. What a treat! We had an excellent time! John had done a deck for someone who wanted their hot tub to disappear, so it disappeared to our house! A quick replacement and it's like new, we LOVE it! John got the new part in and working just in time for our weekend "get away" at home. You'd be surprised how fun your own home can be when it's missing some children! Anyhow, we picked up the kids Sunday night and promised a quick soak in the hot tub. I can't say that it was as enjoyable as when it was just John and I but, it was fun!

Clement Park!

Wednesdays this summer our church has been meeting at the park. We show up early and bring side dishes to share. The church provides the burgers, hot dogs and drinks. It's been so much fun! We really have enjoyed the extra time of fellowship with new and old friends. Last week, the sunset was gorgeous!