Thursday, October 11, 2012

Final day in Germany. :-(

Look at that moon, so glorious!

 We found the old part of Frankfurt.  

 We enjoyed a fabulous crepe and then took pictures.

The next morning we got up early to take Lu to the airport.  We kept getting an error message when we tried to check her in online.  Despite getting there 2.5 hours early, they weren't able to make it happen.  In the end, obviously, God worked it all out.  She had to spend the night alone in Frankfurt but flew out the next morning with no problems!  She is know safely in Tonj, South Sudan settling in just fine.  We are so blessed to have been able to take this trip with Lucy and see A&C.  It's hard to be so far from family but it makes the few and far between visits that more special.

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

From the fortress on top of the mountain, you can see where the Rhine and Mosel rivers meet.

 Another beautiful sunset to send us on our way.  It's always so hard to say good-bye.
This time, it was helpful knowing we'd be back in May when we celebrate 20 years of marriage!

Eltz Castle & Cochem

Wow, this was an amazing castle! 

 This town, Cochem, is a big tourist stop along the Mosel River.
 Anna enjoyed her fish sandwich, Lucy and I admired from afar.  John, in the back ground, bought some delicious meats, cheeses and bread for our meal.  Whew!
 Leave it to Christian to catch each one of us with our mouths full.


Just the name of this place is fun!  We met up with some of A&C friends and drove up to this castle.  We also enjoyed some of Anna's AMAZING coffee cake.  YUM!

 This is typically what Emily does when we want to take a picture.
 She must be warming up to us, we caught a smile!

Anna & Christian's, and Braunfels

Oh man, I LOVE babies!  Especially babies that I can love and snuggle and kiss as much as I want!  Anna & Christian, you'll never know what a gift that is to me, thank you for sharing Joey!  
 This is my niece Emily.  Smiles are usually a rare thing, on camera, so I had to post the ones I got.  Don't worry, you'll see her "normal" in here too.
 Who knew chap sticks and fro yo pens were such great gifts!
 I love their town.  We went for a beautiful walk while the boys were at a car race.
 I love this, not only the fall color, but Emily riding her bike in her pink jacket.  
Emily is ALL about pink right now.

 I think this is the greatest picture, and for those of you that follow CCI, Christian is even wearing a CCI hat!

 This is Jeremy.  He's one week older than Jarod.  And, while as babies they didn't look much alike, I think they sure do now!
 This is Braunfels.

 This is Jack.  It's hard to tell but the rock he's holding is shaped like a heart.
 Unfortunately, I didn't check my camera settings before I took the family pics.  So it's not focused right.  But still, they are such a good looking bunch, it'll do.