Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday "coupon" weekend!

Thanks to Mom & David, we had a wonderful, cheap weekend! They paid for our hotel downtown, watched the kids, and gave us extra for eating out! We have signed up for various restaurants email programs, many of which ask for your birthday! We'd knew we were getting a weekend away and saved up our coupons! We started out by enjoying a BOGO, buy one get one free, at Qdoba, yum! For dinner we decided to go lite, we got BOGO spoon benders at Good Times, conveniently located just down the street from our hotel! We topped the evening off with a little Starbucks, courtesy of our leftover gift card from Christmas!

The next day we used our free rental codes at Red Box! We had some saved up from when they vended us the wrong DVD. PLUS, when you sign up online they give you the code BREAKROOM to be used once, for each different credit card you use. We got two free rentals! (Feel free to use this one!) The next night we had Red Robin, BOGO. Yum yum! We also happened to have a coupon for a free drink! We shared a Coke! John had also received some b-day cash which helped out tremendously, especially with the lovely speeding ticket we got on our way to pick up the kids. Oops, we forgot how "go cart" mom's Element feels compared to the Burban.
It didn't feel like 85 in 70!
Then, tonight we were going to have ribs but I didn't realize you couldn't keep meat in the fridge that long, even cooked they smelled bad! We decided to forgo even trying the meat and threw it out to be on the safe side. Since Jarod, John and I were out, we stopped at Tokyo Joe's for a bite. I knew I had a full punch card for a free bowl. John used it to get a big bowl to share with Jarod. Then, I saw they were running a promotion thru March, instead of needing 12 bowls to get one free, you only needed 6! So, we used the other half full card for my free bowl! We celebrated with a cookie and Pepsi for John, $3 for all of us to eat out! THEN, yep, there's one more, we ended our coupon extravaganza with our FREE Monday Red Box rental, every Monday, when you sign up online, they text you the code for a free rental! I love coupons, they can really brighten a dreary day, and save some money!! Tomorrow, I plan on picking up my free foil, Revlon lip gloss, and Hershey's Choc Bar thanks to the Grocery Game!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I know I said I'd be updating on our progress but there wasn't really anything to report last week!! It was cold and snowy outside and I was reduced to running on the dreaded treadmill. I used to enjoy it when I could watch T.V. Or even when it just faced the picture on the window well. I could at least pretend I was outside running! I thought I'd try running with a DVD in, we no long have satellite, but sometime in the recent past, our DVD player in the basement, where the treadmill is, broke. So, I thought I'd put in a tape. Yep, we still have OODLES and OODLES of VHS tapes! Gasp! Most are old Disney. I thought Treasury of Mickey would be entertaining, it stunk. It's no fun at all! So, I trudged through that days schedule, partially. I lost all motivation and stopped after just one mile. Uggh! Now, in my own defense, I did have a cold, that's a legitimate excuse, right? Well, that was Wed. and I am running 3 days a week right now, in the next week or two I've got to up it to 3-4 days a week, yikes! Friday I still wasn't feeling too good so I skipped it hoping I'd get a run in on Sat. Sat., as it turns out, was COLD! I believe it was 27 outside! I bundled up, too much, and whined and complained my way through tying my shoes. John wasn't running because he had a fever and was reading on the couch under a warm cozy blanket! I reiterated that I DID NOT want to do this! John assured me that it was all in my head and that I could. I set out for my run wondering why on earth I thought I could run a 1/2 marathon. Now, up until this time, my training schedule only had me run 8 min consecutively. Mixed in with walking and then running again for less minutes. I was pondering all this during the 5 min warm up walk. I had John's voice ringing in my ear assuring me that I COULD do it! So, I set out running and kept going, and kept going, and kept going! I did our loop around the 470 trail and ran all the way until I got back home! 3.63 miles! Whoo hoo! Talk about a boost of self confidence! Maybe I could do this thing after all! Mon. I thought I'd try again but run the loop backwards. What I didn't realize was how much more was up hill running it that way. Yikes, that was rough! I stopped to walk a few times but still did 3.78 miles in not a whole lot more time. But OY, my legs were sore! John went for a run that night and we had a nice soak in the hot tub to ease our muscles. John was still not feeling back to normal and is struggling with shin splints. Ow! Poor guy! I measured the distance from our house to Lincoln, one of the main roads, the other day and it's just over 2 miles. I thought maybe, just maybe it was time to step it up and try for 4 miles!! I've never done that far in my life! I set out this morning and did my usual warm up walk, I stopped a little short of 5 min this morning just to warm up. I layered less which in the end was nice but in the beginning was a little cooler than I expected! Now again, I didn't realize how hilly this route was and I got discouraged a couple times and walked. Only for about 30 sec each time though. I made it to Lincoln and thought, it's more downhill on the way back, I can do this! And, I did! My total distance was 4.58 miles in just 6.5 minutes more than I had done the 3.78 the other day! Whoo hoo! Looks like maybe I'll be able to do this after all!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Jarod's immitation of the "Nacho" smile!
But Ramses is not dancing, he does not dance at the party!

Then and now...

My mom really doesn't enjoy curling her hair or dressing up for that matter. Neither of us inherited that gene from my Grandmother who LOVES to dress up! So, one Christmas, we are guessing about 20 years ago, my mom had these pictures taken so that whenever G-ma was wishing she would curl her hair and dress up, she could just look at the pictures.

Since she curled her hair for our "fancy" dinner last night, and she was pretty sure it wouldn't be curled again in a LONG time, we thought we'd try to imitate them. It was hard to not show my teeth when I smiled, thus the reason I only did one that way! We always tell Lucy to show her teeth when she smiles and it turns out she got it from me!

The white one was my mom's favorite and this one was my favorite.
I think G-ma got the white one.
I can truly say that my mom is not just my mom, but one of my bestest friends too!
I love you mom!

Fancy Valentine dinner!

We got a great idea from a friend at church to do a "fancy" Valentine dinner. So, we decided to celebrate Friday night! We all got dressed up and spiffied up the table. We even decorated with Christmas lights. Everything looks beautiful with Christmas lights!
Jarod Wasn't exactly thrilled to dress up but we made him anyway. Once Kory showed up with his shirt un-tucked, Jarod quickly pulled his out and ended his complaining!
No, we aren't all wearing what we wore to Aunt Joy's wedding but since we managed to miss a family shot there, I refused to miss another opportunity at a family pic with us all dressed up! Fortunately, you can't really see the brownie on Laura's dress or the Jell-o on Jarod's shirt!

Laura would have been included in this one but alas,
the little ones had already been placed in bed. Oh well.
We had all taken our "heels" off for this shot. Just more proof that yes, in fact,
Jessi & Lucy are BOTH taller than I am! Lucy is the tallest at 5'7"
It looks like Jess might be catching her though...
It was a great night!


Hmm, well it's hard to tell with some of these pictures. The lighting makes such a HUGE difference! But, overall, John and I both think the red is better! I said I might post a blog with pics showing before, during and after so..., here ya go. The middle row is quite scary!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

T-minus 14.5 weeks...

The Colorado Colfax Marathon. May 17th, 2009. This is now on my mind EVERY single day! My friend Margo at church called last week to see if I wanted to run a 1/2 Marathon with her in May. My initial thought, and inside laugh, was how I ran, well jogged, a 5k last summer non-stop and said I didn't ever need to do that again! My second thought was how two of our friends, Matt & Jarod, had just run a 1/2 a few days before. So, I waited 'till John got home to get his opinion. Thinking that surly he'd point out why it was a dumb idea and I'd move on. Nope, he thought it'd be great fun to do it together! So, Thurs. night, Jan. 29th - and the day before my 32nd b-day, John and I made idiot history and signed up to run a 1/2 marathon together! Man, do I feel foolish! So, we immediately set to work to find our training schedule. John downloaded Hal Higdon's, We printed it out and perused the schedule. I had to laugh, this time out loud! It is expecting that I can start out running 3-4 miles a DAY, 3-4 times a week! Ha! I love jogging, once I'm out there, but haven't done it since San Diego last October! It just gets too cold here and I really despise our treadmill! So, I went online and looked for 5k training, figuring that'd be a good way to break myself in for 3 weeks and then switching to the 1/2 marathon training for the last 12 weeks. So, I downloaded the couch potato to 5k training, I just started at week 4 since I don't consider myself a couch potato at this point! So, after a b-day morning sleep-in we woke up and went for a run! My motivation was The Egg & I for breakfast, yum! My favorite! It actually felt good! My first day was just 25.5 minutes walking and jogging. Once I'm out there, especially once I'm finished, I love to get out there and run! My second run was yesterday morning, 29.5 minutes walking and jogging. Chilly but fun. I hope to acquire some running "gear" to make it less uncomfortable but I'll manage for now.
You can expect a weekly update until the "big day"!