Sunday, November 30, 2008


We decided that today was going to be a "family" afternoon, and boy was it!
It all started with the snow, and then the thought that the hot tub is so fabulous in the snow...
From there, John and Lucy had no problem pushing it into a crazy challenge.
From hot tub to snow angels...
No surprise that Jarod followed suit.
Even Laura succumbed quickly to the sibling pressure.
Lucy and Jess did multiple snow angels, Jenna gave it a try as well.
I thought Leah and I would be the only two to hold out, but then,
Leah caved.
What was I to do?
We unfortunately managed to miss Leah's snow angel :-(

Jess and Lucy even decided to do a contest to see who could lay there the longest.
I was cold sitting on the edge of the hot tub just watching! Lucy finally gave up and Jess won.
I wish we had timed them, it seemed like at least a few minutes!
Remember the whole dry and warm thing that I like? My children finally pressured and teased me enough that I had to do it! John willingly jumped out and made another snow angel with me.
This pic is AWFUL! If I had choices, I would have chosen a different pic but this is the only one.
That means, this is the only proof that I, Jaime Coffman jumped out of a perfectly warm and fabulous hot tub to LAY in the snow and make a snow angel. Can you believe it? It literally took my breath away! Clearly I had been sitting in the hot tub way too long, the heat had damaged the reasoning part of my brain! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gettin' ready for Christmas!

I think this is the first year in a while where we got our stuff up so early, and, as a family!! It seems like at least twice in the last few years we were so busy we'd let the kids decorate the tree while we were out! Crazy!

The girls told John they'd help put lights up to ensure that they went up this year. We're pretty good at finding other things we'd rather be doing!

John even let the two little ones up on the roof. Jarod loved it, Laura, not so much!

The kids help put the ornaments up, it took YEARS for me to be ok with that, and then choose which ornaments they want on their small trees in their rooms.

I decided the kids have had enough turns putting up the angel, this year was our turn!

Family & friends pics!

This year has been a great year for growing my photography experience! I LOVE every second of it! The other day we took some pics of friends of ours at the park. John got a great shot of Laura jumping off the swing and one of all of us reviewing the pics, it was a beautiful November day. More like September weather, we all wonder when the snows gonna hit!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Buddy!

I can hardly believe 7 years has passed since the Lord graciously blessed me with a son! Amazing! I still remember like it was yesterday...
Everyone present was crying, I just couldn't believe it was a boy!
Thanks for such a precious rambunctious gift Lord!

My little red cup...

It makes me feel warm and cozy just looking at it!
John and I have never succumbed to the pull of coffee, we figure the addiction to soda was bad enough! Plus, we'd ALWAYS rather eat out than spend money on coffee!
There are times though where we end up at Starbucks. John will get a Chai and I'll get either peppermint hot chocolate or Carmel Apple Cider, half the carmel though, it's sickeningly sweet otherwise! Anyway, a couple of my friends on facebook were talking about red cups and I had to ask Michelle what that was. She did her duty of being my big sis and filled me in. Well, not long after, the opportunity arose to meet a friend at Starbucks for coffee. We had a great time catching up and enjoying our very own little red cups. I even got a free sample of the new Egg Nog Chai, I've tried other Egg Nog Chai and it didn't do it for me, this Starbucks one however, I just might have to go back for that one! Now all I need is snow!

Queasy Jarod

Jarod is known for being a little queasy around blood. So, when his tooth was practically falling out on it's own the morning John was coming home, I thought it was a perfect time to pull it out. Jarod didn't exactly agree. It took a bit because he was crying and slobbering, spitting blood all over while he was whining! All the while getting paler and paler. I finally got it out and Jarod was so distraught he had to lay on the couch for a bit with a bowl. He thought he might throw up, I thought he might pass out!
Once some color returned to his cheeks, he made the mistake of pointing out that the tooth on top was even looser than the one I had just pulled. He opted for NOT pulling though so we left it.
I picked up John at the airport and prepped him on the whole tooth scenario. As soon as we got home he asked to see Jarod's loose tooth. He grabbed the loose one and before Jarod could get completely pale again and start crying, he pulled it out! Much easier than my experience earlier in the day! Jarod even started laughing as soon as he saw that his tooth was already out in the kleenex! Silly boy!

Girls night out!?!?!

Who knew I had an instant girls night out right in my home!
Since John was gone in Texas, I decided to watch a movie with Jess and Lucy in my room.
We were all snuggled up in my bed watching The Guardian, it was great!
It was a little late for me, we stayed up talking after the movie was over until almost 1am! Yikes! Since John will be gone this weekend at a Leadership retreat, we planning a repeat for Thurs. night! How great to not only have 2 awesome daughters but 2 awesome friends!
Thanks girls!

San Leon, Texas

John had the privilege of heading to San Leon, Texas with our Pastor to spy out the land for future trips. They did 6 to Biloxi, MS after Katrina and thought we might be called to San Leon as well. It's near Galveston, about an hours drive from Houston. Our church will be taking a group in January.
For some reason, Dave, our pastor, ordered Octopus, and John ate some, gross!

The devastation looks like what we saw in Biloxi, just not as wide spread.

Half the mobile home is just gone!I LOVE old red trucks! For the longest time, until this year actually, Jarod's & Laura's room was done with an old Pottery Barn pattern that had an old red truck in it.
Knowing that, John took this pic just for me...
This one is for Lucy, see the name of the boat?

John will leave Jan. 11th to take a group from church down there to do relief work.
Southwest Airlines is running a great deal so it's only $160 round trip!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Better picture

I found a better picture of Leah as Little Red Riding Hood
Just thought I'd share!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Harvest Carnival

Danny & Terah rescued me this year! I forgot to take a pic of the kids all together so as soon as they got to their place, they took a pic for me, thanks!
I forgot to mention they were keeping the kids for the weekend!
Jess was fashion police with a few friends, Lucy was Pippy Longstocking, Leah was Little Red Riding Hood, Jenna was a rabbit, Jarod was an I.T. Guy, and Laura was a pink poodle.
We told the kids to be creative this year and try and use what we had around. So...

Lucy did a repeat from '03

Leah did a repeat from '01, it's even the same costume!!
Laura used the one Jenna wore in '03

John went as "the coolest guy here"

It earned him a ticket from the fashion police!

Mother's Cookies!! Urgent!

Have you heard that Mother's Cookies went under? You may not even be able to find them at your local store! Thanks "sis" for tipping me off! We immediately went to the store, we were still in San Diego, and bought a package of assorted cookies. I saved them until we were home so we could savor the moment. I can't believe they're gone!

What will the world be like now, with no more little pink and white frosted cookies...

(Did I mention that Keebler just started making little pink and white frosted animal cookies?) Someone should get a raise there! Brilliant!

The drive home

The drive home was uneventful and we broke our record! We made it home in just under 15 hours! We even let Jessi drive for a couple hours, she did great! There's a cute pic of her driving while the kids all look scared, we told them too, but it's on our phone.
You can however, see it on our facebook account!
I love the shadow of John's bike, yes, this is the one he wrecked!
Poor bike!

Last days in San Diego

John took the three oldest girls on a trip to Mission Beach and...
don't hold your breath...
he took them shopping!!!
We went to this awesome little coffee place with our friends the Velings.
I had a "Nutty Monkey" hold the espresso, and John had Chai, his fav.
We taught them how to play Farkle, who new it could be so much fun!
We all squished onto the couch for a group shot!
I think we had a couple late night Farkle dates with John's brother Andy and his wife Michelle.
Michelle and I are both only children so we call each other sisters, I love it!
You're the best big sis' I've ever had Michelle!
Our last day in town included a day at the beach. The seaweed was gross!
Or at least it looked that way from the sand where I was laying!
We love the beach!

Another date with Dad, & Jeanne!

We have MANY places we must eat at while in San Diego. They are: Roberto's, In-N-Out, Submarina, Pat n Oscars, Luigis, Islands, the first three being the most important, Roberto's the main one. We go there so often, they know us!
The wee ones sharin' a drink at Submarina...
While it was a hot day in Santee, the pool was not heated, it was freezing.
The kids would lay on the concrete to get warm.
Jarod and John were comparing tans...
Jarod has my skin so of course, John wins!
It was fun watching Dad as he got in the pool, the water was so cold it took his breath away!
John and his girls...
He's such a good dad, always getting in with the kids.
I sat this one out. Remember the warm and dry thing?

Jeanne, Dad, myself, and John
We had a great time!

Wedding Dress...

I've been waiting forever to blog this one! What does one do when you're staying in your sister-in-laws old bedroom? Her wedding dress hanging in the closet taunting you every second of the day and night? You try it on of course, and then take a picture! (With permission of course!)
Isn't it lovely?
Thanks Joy!

Let's go racin'!

We went with the Razinks to a go-kart racin' place in Miramar. It was a blast! John won, and then won again, and then again. It was "King of the Track" night so the winner got to keep going.
It was a blast!
In case you're wondering what we looked like without the helmets...

Around the house

One of our favorite things around the house was...
She's probably so thankful to be back in Germany in her own bed
without all the family fighting over her!
For those unfamiliar, there are oodles of pics of John's dad doing this with John and his siblings. John carried it on with our own as well. Emily wasn't interested...
Being at the house with all the goodies Joy left behind was quite fun.
Jessi, Leah and I all did "satin hands" from Mary Kay.
oooh, soft!
Christian, Jeremy and our family went to Coronado beach. It was a lovely day!
We had to have the token "bury the kid in the sand" moment.
The boys had fun wrestling together,
for Jarod, I'm sure having boys around was the best!
Would it be G-ma's house without it?
What did the kids ever do before they had one???
Jarod did some good tricks, just like his father!
Their favorite is watching from the shed, then doing flips off of it!
This is Laura's "tat" from Roberto's
This is a pic of Jenna in '01
Having her up on the wall scared our friend Mike so...
When the opportunity arose, we had to reminisce and take one of Laura,
it's a different wall but it's still fun!
We took of for Seaport Village again to take family pics of Anna & Christian.
My favorite is the bag lady in the background, yes I meant for her to be in this one!
After a bit she yelled at us, like she has the title to the tree or something!
I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by for another kissing pic!
The kids met a lovely crack head who made things out of palm fronds.
Most of the kids got one, for free!
The first night we were back in San Diego, Jenna won a jar of mini tootsie pops
at a God's Girls meeting. They were a staple the rest of the trip.
This is a classic shot when family is in town. All the kids sitting up at G-ma's table, I love it!