Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brides & weddings...

Wow, I never thought I'd be doing another wedding! This one was a tad different though, I was helping a friend instead of being in charge. I actually really enjoyed it! So, dare I say it... there may be another! Gasp! Kadi, the friend I was helping, invited me to tag along for a bridal shoot a few weeks before the wedding. We had a blast driving around downtown Denver and taking pictures of Shea.

AND, as is the recent custom for Denver, the day ended with a wonderful thunderstorm! I even caught a pic of lightening!

I'll only post a few here, you can see more on our photography site. greyskyphotography.com Enjoy!

Love that guy...

I think you all know it, I don't even need to say it... I LOVE that guy!!!

Prank wars...

These are not words you really want to hear your teenagers say. It reminds me of a line from a favorite movie, "it is that which we do not speak of." Well, it was spoken, and carried out! The girls eventually got back, in the middle of the day! It worked out fabulously, they had daylight and I didn't have to stay up until 2am to supervise! It's hard to make out clearly but those are little Hawaiian drink umbrella's all over the neighbors lawn!

Visit with the Bischofs!

We had a wonderful visit with our dear friends, the Bischofs. We were going to meet up in Buena Vista but due to CRAZY holiday weekend traffic, we met up in Fairplay instead! We enjoyed a leisurly lunch and some fabulous ice cream before we had to say our goodbye's.
Keeping in line with the current typical Colorado afternoon rain, the wind picked up and it started to rain just as we were leaving. The view from the road was gorgeous!
Just before we came over the mountain to Denver, we saw hail and some mild flooding, what is with all this crazy weather?!?!?!?

Church in the park

For the 2nd summer in a row, our church is doing "church in the park" on Wed. nights. It's at Clement Park at 5:30pm for potluck, 6:30pm worship and study. 7:30pm play time! Some of the older kids are doing mini skits to emphasize whatever biblical truth the kids are learning that night. They picked up some fabulous costumes at Savers, a local thrift store. It's really a great time! The nights are so beautiful there too. The trick is leaving at dusk, before the bugs eat you alive!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Frozen Grasshopper Squares

I get emails from kraftfoods.com with recipes. This recent one is fabulous! I just made it over the weekend! AND, if you're feeling lazy, don't worry about the shaved chocolate on top, I left it out and it was still fantastic! Enjoy!!!