Sunday, April 26, 2009

I think we can do it!

This weekend was our Marriage Retreat with church. We had a fantastic time and even got in a short 1.5 mile run in the altitude! Yes, my inhaler was a welcome friend afterward. I managed to keep a good fast pace, for me, even with the "light" air. Since John and I were helping out with the retreat we head out for Breckenridge on Thurs. Normally our "big" running day is Sat. but we didn't want to try that in the altitude. So, we rearranged our schedule and planned for our big run on Thurs. before we left. John went bright and early and ran 10.2 miles!!! I decided not to be discouraged but to try and beat him, even if only I got 10.3 miles! :-) Yep, it's true, that's how I am... Anyhow, I was all psyched out and ready... I set my mapmyrun app on my iphone and head out. It was already a tinch warm for my taste but not too warm. I thought I was at about 5 miles and was feeling good. I pulled out my iphone for a peek. It tells you how far you've run and your pace. It only said 3.09!!!! I was devastated! So, I ran what I thought was a couple more miles and pulled out my phone for another look. It STILL said 3.09 miles! Now, this is the bummer with this app. It occasionally likes to freeze on you or reset or delete your run. It's VERY frustrating! So, I kept on going hoping that I would at least beat 8 miles, the furthest I'd run so far. In my life, EVER! I thought I'd barely make it home! Once home we mapped it out online and it was 9 miles! Whew, I didn't pass John but at least I beat my personal distance record! We felt pretty good overall and are pretty confident now that we'll be able to do the half in THREE weeks!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Warm Day...

The kids had been begging, well the younger kids had, to go to the park.
So.... we finally went. We had a wonderful evening!

Of course, we had to end it with the usual group shot. At this point the sun was almost completely gone and it was getting chilly. We had a nice brisk walk home and then...
My favorite!


The bathroom is finally absolutely finished!
At some point we'll repaint...

The first tub spout that got ordered got stolen and then reordering took FOREVER!
Now that it's all finished, I LOVE it! It's the best bath ever!
When Laura sits in it, you can just barely see her eyes over the top of the tub!


Despite the circumstances, we enjoyed the family time
before and after Gma Mary's memorial service.

We followed Gma's orders, Mom curled her hair, Carol and myself wore ours up and everyone dressed up! The letter she wrote to all of us was beautiful. There wasn't a dry eye in the house as John read the letter to everyone. It was a nice farewell from Grandma.