Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Costa Rica - from John's perspective...

Our first view of Costa Rica
While we were passing our flyers for VBS and the Family Festival we
ran into some local wildlife. Are these cows, or aliens?

Kids Club at Pedro and Athena's. We taught the kids how to play heads up 7-up,
along with some other classic American kids games.

First day of VBS. We had about 80 kids come each day, it ran for three days.

I lead the "blue" group. The 5am surf team. The sluggards who didn't want to surf slept in. While I came home telling Jaime I could live there, I don't feel "called" to move there, Jaime was relieved! Of course the warm water and fantastic surfing conditions had nothing to do with it. :-)

It's always a gift to meet our extended "family" in different areas around the world.

All working together for His glory.
Phil & Rebecca McKay are the missionaries that we were helping out in Tamarindo.

So, you may be asking yourself, what's next, Biloxi, Mexico, Costa Rica...

Lord willing, Jaime, Jess, Lucy and I will be going on a site-seeing

/ mission trip to Israel next March! We'll keep you posted!

Costa Rica Trip!

Hey everybody, it's Jessie! Ok, so, Costa Rica. While we were down there we surfed, did VBS, Kids Club - like Sunday School, we went to the beach with the local youth group, we played "football" in the rain vs. the locals -(ticos or ticas), it was muddy! We passed out tracks and evangelized in the streets, that was challenging since we don't speak much Spanish. It was fun, we even ran into some people that did speak English.

This is Flor, she accepted Jesus at VBS!
She gave a bracelet to me as a thank you!

On Saturday after VBS we did a Family Festival with games and candy followed by a Christian Concert. They gave an alter call and a bunch of kids came forward!

What I think the Lord was showing me on this trip was that His Love can speak through us no matter what language we speak. I got pretty close to some of the kids there and even though I don't speak their language, I'm workin' on it, and they don't speak mine, they will always have a place in my heart!

These are some girls in VBS at the art station I was working at. They made sheep to remind them of the story of the Lost Sheep in Matthew.

Hi guys, this is Lucy! Costa Rica was amazing! I met a lot of great people! I got really good at saying "no comprende Espanol" while we were there.

Here's a pic of us playing soccer with the locals. We won but we all think they let us! This picture totally captured the rain too! We were all so muddy afterwards that we just jumped in the ocean with our clothes on to wash off the mud. It's so humid down there that these clothes never dried. We brought them home a week later still wet!

VBS was a blast! We were all working really hard. Jessie helped at the art table and I helped the "pink" group as they went from station to
station. In this picture they are learning the
memory verse for the day.
This is Eden, she is the daughter of the Pastor in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. She reminded us all of Laura!
God showed me how good we really have it in the U.S. The houses are little shacks with a straw roof! Until God allowed me to lose my camera, some cash and some other things down there, I was really taking for granted the things I have and how good I have it. I was thinking during worship how the Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Am I going to be grateful to Him no matter what? God really showed me to appreciate the things I have and to be content, no matter what, that I don't need my "things" to be blessed! ~ Lucy

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Road Trip!

Since John and the two eldest are off in Costa Rica, those of us left behind took a road trip to Oklahoma to visit Granny, my Dad's mom. Despite running out of gas and Jarod barfing on the way home, it really was a great visit!

Here we are waiting for the State Trooper to return!
We ran out of gas just before our exit to see the Cathedral of the Great Plains. A wonderful State Trooper stopped and went to get us a can of gas. The whole ordeal, from the cars last sputter till we were off to the gas station was only 12 minutes! John said he was leaving me in God's hands, since he physically wasn't here to "watch" over me! I certainly felt it!
The rest of the day was uneventful and we made it to Granny's just fine!
Delilah took me on some small country roads but alas,
she didn't fail me, she got me there with no problems!
Jarod's tummy was hurting so badly he was in tears on the drive home. He was begging me to call Daddy! After calling Barbara, my resident nurse/mother-in-law, she and Steve, my father-in-law said they'd be praying for Jarod and the rest of the drive home. Shortly after, Jarod puked in a trusty zip lock bag. And then, he was fine. A little weak but he made it through the rest of the day with no problems! Thanks again Lord!

We even had a beautiful sunset awaiting us at home!

John and the girls are having a great time and will be arriving home tomorrow night just after 10:30pm. Since they didn't really have time to blog, I'm hoping to have the girls give their rendition of the trip in the next week.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Costa Rica!

They leave tomorrow! Here's their blog link should you be interested!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


We display these beautiful faces in our living room. Since we just updated, I thought I'd display them here as well. I think I already shared Laura's a while back, oh well!

We didn't realize until I picked up the 8x10,
Lucy's picture from the park wasn't totally clear. So, we redid it!

I also didn't realize how long it'd been since we did Jarod's,

So, we took one of him too! Now, everyone is updated!