Monday, November 16, 2009


Yesterday, Nov. 15th was the last day to see the Broadway show, Wicked. We were going to go with some friends from church but realized we would be in Canada when they were going. So, I thought, we'd just get tickets when we got home. Yeah right! They were completely sold out! I was hoping to get the cheapest tickets way in the upper balcony of the theatre for $50 each. When I called the box office, they assured me, there were no more tickets. Unless, you wanted to take your chances with the lottery. Each day 2.5 hours before they show, they would take names for a lottery drawing of tickets to Wicked. Each person could chose 1 or 2 tickets. They gave away 20 tickets each show and I was told about 100-200 people were showing up, YIKES! After some thought, John and I decided even if we didn't get tickets, it'd be fun to eat downtown so we bundled up, it was snowing, and head out the door at about 4:30pm to arrive in time to put our names in. They were accepting names that night from 5:30-6pm. Well, we didn't realize with traffic and snow that it would take us 1.5 hours to arrive at the theatre. By the time John dropped me off and I tried to make it on time, we were 5 min. too late. I figured out where everything was in case we wanted to try again and found out that only about 50 people had shown up that night. Stink! John and I made our way to Spaghetti Factory for a yummy dinner and forgot about the disappointment of not making it.

Saturday afternoon we discussed, well - I begged, for the chance at going and trying one more time. After all, it's Sat. so there should be less traffic AND, it was snowing harder so maybe there'd be less people! This time we left a little earlier just in case and head back downtown. We arrived early, yea, and decided to warm up with a Starbucks drink. Thank you Lord for gift cards! We wasted the right amount of time and head back to the theatre to put our names in. I was slightly bummed to see how many more people were there that night. At least 100 showed up wearing hats, gloves and scarfs. We put our names in and waited. I wasn't going to be too bummed if we didn't make it tonight, maybe we could even try again on Sunday night. If we didn't make it, we were going to Outback to enjoy a free bloomin' onion. YUM! I'd been craving steak so I was ok with that choice. Promptly at 6pm they began calling names. I don't remember how many people had been called already but I heard it, the first name wasn't right because they stamped my hand while I was writing and the M didn't look right. Fortunately, John caught the Coffman part and I went forward to claim our tickets! Yea God! I love how He like to bless us with even little unimportant things like cheap tickets to a Broadway show. And, not only did we get tickets, but we got tickets for the 3rd row back! It was fantastic, phenomenal, amazing! It was our first experience going to a show and we completely enjoyed it! If you're in Denver, you've missed your chance but if Wicked ever comes back and you haven't seen it, we both give it a thumbs up!

Ready for our second try at winning the lottery!You can't take pictures during the show but this is before it started, we were so close you could hear their voices from the stage! You almost had to wipe their spit from your brow!

Top 10 reasons why getting stuck in Cincinnati isn't so bad...

10. Cincinnati is a cool word
9. The ballpark nachos were better than expected
8. Airport food vouchers got us: large Cobb salad, baked potato,
ballpark nachos, quesadilla WITH guac & spicy chicken, Burbon St.
Pasta, and brownie sundae. Our cost, $1.35 plus tip!
7. There's a fabulous fountain in the hotel
6. The hotel toiletries are made by Bath and Body works
5. John has a beard
4. FREE wi-fi
3. We got 4 free hotel rooms but told them 2 was plenty!
2. We are in the states so we can use our phones, at NO extra cost!
1. We each walk away with a FREE t-shirt

Last day in Nova Scotia

We decided our last morning would be picture day! My favorite!
Joy and Abby had matching socks!
So beautiful!
Tim proposed to Joy on this bench... Awwww.
It was freezing this day and poor little Abby's feet were so cold! I hadn't seen her little feet since we'd gotten there so I had to take a peek!
What a wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, blessed trip we had!
We miss you Tim, Joy & Abby!!!

Blomidon Cove

Next stop of the day was Blomidon Cove. Another beautiful stop due to the low tides.

There were some awesome rocks and fun seaweed.

The girls and I had fun exploring while John walked out to the oceans edge.

Halls Harbor revisited...

I was so happy to discover that we would be able to go back to Halls Harbor when it was low tide. This particular area of Nova Scotia is known for it's tides! I've posted the high and low tide pictures so you can see the difference, it was so beautiful!

We were able to walk around the beach and over to where the boats dock. It was quite an impressive site! We were now standing on a spot that was underwater just a few hours before!

We were able to find tons and tons of these giant seashells because we were at the "bottom"! We thought we'd have to walk all the way back around but Lucy discovered that we could just climb up the ladders on the dock. It was a blast!
An experience I don't think I'll ever forget!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Corn Maze!

Oops, I went out of town and then posted our vacation before I posted this! A couple weekends before we left for Canada, went with our friends, the Nunezs, to the Corn maze. It was a blast! We beat the kids through it too which is fabulous! For anyone who has never done it, this was our first year as a family, I would highly recommend it!

The kids ran through one more time!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The many faces of Abby...

You don't even need commentary, SO CUTE!!! She's started cooing and smiling since we've been here, what an honor to get to see her grow and change in person!
Abby with her blanket made by her cousins.


Gettin' ready to go out in the cold!
A Christmas Story comes to mind...