Friday, June 30, 2017

an extra stop on our trip...

We left our house just after 5am this morning, picked up Leah, so she could drop us off, and headed to DIA.
We enjoyed free breakfast in the United Club and then went to board our flight.
Unfortunately, due to the fog in San Francisco, our flight was delayed. Despite some people letting those with connections deplane first, and literally my longest run this year, we made it to our gate 5 min too late. While at the United Club receiving our free hotel vouchers and rebooking our flights, we got two seperate texts saying our flight was delayed. The agents tried to call and have them let us on since they were still at the gate, but they couldn't allow it.

The agents in the Club were fantastic and we shared travel photos as they rebooked everything. We were bummed to realize we had to wait 24 hours for the next flight, but excited to be stuck in San Francisco at least!

We spent the day Ubering to the beach, admired the Bridge, avoided the NAKED sunbathing men, enjoyed a Belly Burger, free Ghiradelli Choc, a crepe, an In-n-Out burger and neopolitan shake, the Wharf, a street show, and now an Uber back to the hotel for some hot tub, spicy Uno and some good sleep!

Sorry, can you tell we have a thing for this bridge. ❤️

Sometimes, a perceived delay, or wrong turn in life is actually just an opportunity to have some adventure. Like the old Steve Curtis Chapman song said, This Is The Great Adventure! And we're lovin' it! Thank you Jesus!