Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday's and freebies!

Here we are again at the birthday freebie time of year. This is when three of us have our birthday's within 3 weeks. Whew! It's so much fun though! Since Leah and I are closest, Jan. 27th and Jan. 30th, we've been able to share some of our freebies this year. We already had our free burger from Red Robin. We'll get our free shakes at Del Taco tonight. We'll also stop off at Starbucks for our free drink after Del Taco. I think on Sat. we will get our free Cold Stone. Some companies have gotten smart and made new rules that you have to be 18 to sign up. Poor Leah. Here are some things that I've already enjoyed, FREE, just because I signed up online. FREE: Choc from Godiva, meal at Noodles, meal at Rubios, and $10 at World Market, which is one of my favorite new stores! Leah scored at one place I didn't though, she got a free $5 coupon to Build-A-Bear where she picked out some cute dalmation slippers for her bear. She also got 20 free tokens to Chuck-E-Cheese! If you look around out there, there are tons of freebies to be had around your birthday, and free, is fabulous!
This year was a yellow birthday for Leah. Yep, it's her favorite color! Can you tell? Yellow basket purse from Laura, yellow glass vase from Jarod, yellow shirt and bracelet, yellow, yellow, yellow. It's all yellow, well except for the cow necklace Jenna made, the black and grey sweater from us and the black converse. Shirt, hoodie, headphones, ipod, ipod case, sweater, button earrings Lu made. I don't know how much more yellow we could get!
This was such a fun project with the kiddos. They are holding the ones they helped with or sewed themselves. GREAT job guys!
The blankets are beautiful! The turned out so much better than I thought they might. Every second was worth the 8 free Disneyland tickets and the time with the girls. This was Jessi and Lucy's first time on the sewing machine! It seems funny to me because Leah and Jenna have been sewing for years, on the machine, alone! We each have different gifts and talents I guess!