Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grand Junction

I'm not mad here, maybe just nodding off! We were tired!

Let's see, we left the house about 3:20am and when we stopped in Glenwood Springs, just over 2 hours away, for gas, our transmission started slipping. I believe it was 6am. We made it to the local Chevy dealer and John ran in to ask their opinion. They informed us that they couldn't even see us until 11am and that since it was only 1st gear gone, we should trek to Grand Junction and check with one of the dealerships there. So, we all prayed hard as we drove to Grand Junction. We pulled up to the dealership at 7:10am. We thought that because the dealership had 6 rebuilt transmissions in stock, we were set! However, we didn't anticipate the 4 hours we'd spend dealing with out warranty. Oh well, in the end, we paid more than our deductible for a rebuilt vs. a used and a 100,000 mile warranty vs. a 9month warranty. We were on our way about 4pm. Whew! The kids were all FANTASTIC! The shuttle took us to a nearby mall where we ate lunch and killed some time. Even played with some other kids at the inside play area! Before we left, the kids squeezed into a photo booth for a picture! At the dealership everyone said how impressed they were with our family, they said they'd never seen such well behaved children! WOW! To top it off, near the end of our stay, Ed Bozarth, the owner of some Chevy dealerships around Colorado came in and told the manager to fix our car and get us on our way or get us a Suburban that we could drive to CA! What a nice guy! And no, he wasn't saying it just to get us out of his dealership, the kids really were being great! :-)


Wow, I'm really behind, aren't I? I apologize for not updating this throughout our trip. We stayed connected with family through facebook and so I neglected my blog! Feel free to look us up, we'll be your friend! :-) Ok, first order of business, I thought you might all be interested to know how we prepare for a road trip? I'm not one of those pack the week before kind of people. I need most of the things I'm bringing almost every day! I try to compile lists and ship ahead of time for snacks etc. One year I went list "crazy" and because tennis shoes weren't on my list, I forgot all the kids shoes! We were going to Disneyland that year and so we had to buy new shoes for the kids. Only the 4 older were going so at least it saved me a couple extra purchases! This trip, I did pretty well with the beforehand preperations. I finally fell into bed the night before we left at about 10:30pm. That just might be some kind of record for me! But then, the thoughts kept coming, did I get this? Did I get that? Finally, I got out a notepad and wrote it all down. I knew getting up at 2:45am the next morning to leave wouldn't allow my brain to remind me of all the things that were now running through my head. Plus, even under normal circumstances, my brain doesn't run like it used to! So, for all of you who are curious, here's my list...

check the hot tub
water plants
turn down heat
lyrics for a song the kids were singing at Joy's wedding
mad lib
bathing suits
flip flops
wedding clothes for each of us - clips, dresses, curlers...
undies (my 4 older kids pack for themselves, thus some of these reminders...)
cancel milk delivery (we caught him when we woke up, almost had nasty milk awaiting us!)
pack juices in cooler
do we need to move John's truck into the driveway?
cups / bowls for snacks
CCI t-shirt
grab business checkbook
queen sheets for air mattress
iron (to iron wedding stuff)
alarm clock
DVD's for trip
check windows and doors
cargers for: ipod, cell phones, cameras
batteries for above
knife for sandwiches in the car
apple slicer
mini cutting board
trash bags for car
zip lock bags
sunflower seeds and cup
brain quest
seek & find books
books for Jarod to read

That my friends is all. It was quite the list, after about halfway through, I got tired of turning on the light, these thoughts weren't all at once, just every so often. That's why it's messy! Plus, I'm a list person so I totally enjoy scratching off the items! It was such a "Jaime" thing, I just had to share!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I'm reading "To Live Is Christ" right now by Beth Moore. She's a tinch southern for my taste but I do enjoy her books! This quote, slightly altered to apply to us, really stood out to me!
Nothing in our lives, past, present or future, is a waste unless we refuse to let God use it.