Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dust in the wind...

We gathered together on a beautiful Sunday to hold our "Ashes Ceremony". My Aunt Carol, my mom and I mixed together G-pa Herb's and G-ma Mary's ashes. Mom really did most of the work. Then, mom bought some colorful containers at Big Lots so we could each have a little bit to throw. We drove up to Golden Gate Canyon, near Golden, CO, and found a beautiful spot to throw the ashes. It really was a great time! Rather than a somber, tearful occasion, we had a joyful celebration! I so enjoy that we are a fun loving family! My Uncle Scott came all the way from Bakersfield, CA to join us. We hadn't seen him in about 25 years!
Can you see the washer in the bottle? We are guessing it's from one of G-ma's surgeries!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Berry Patch Farms

Oh no, we've been terribly spoiled! We've been a couple times to a strawberry picking place in Carlsbad, CA with our good friends, the Kolodziejs. We recently went on a field trip of sorts with the Mother's Circle group, our midwife and families she's helped, to Berry Patch Farms. While it was a blast, the strawberries left a little to be desired, commpared to Carlsbad. Oh well, we got some yummy "baby" strawberries, saw some fun farm animals and took some cute pics! Plus seeing Sena is always fun! She's like family after having helped us deliver 5 of our 6 babies at home!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We had a baptism at church in June that was quite the experience!! Now normally I wouldn't blog about something like that, unless of course one of the kids was baptised, but this one was different... I believe this was about the start of our crazy weather in Denver and this particular Sunday was no different. As we left the pavillion with all the food, it started to rain, I mean really, really rain. We got down to the water and decided to just go for it! The guys that were baptising went in with the first few people. It just kept on pouring! Then, we start to hear sirens! Yep, tornado warning sirens were going off all around us! It was crazy! The park ranger came over and told us we all had to vacate the park. We decided to huddle under the awnings of the buildings and wait it out. Despite the ranger saying that someone had spotted a funnel cloud, nothing looked suspicious to us at all. So, after some close bonding time, the rain let up, the sun peaked out and the rest of the afternoon was just gorgeous! What a great memory!
Can you see Laura's feet poking out from under an umbrella?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Laura is 6!

We had a wonderful waffle breakfast the morning of Laura's birthday, it was quite tasty!

On the following Saturday, she had a little birthday party. A few of her friends came to help celebrate! We made brownie pops for dessert, that proved to be not only entertaining but VERY delicious!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Discussion of the Clothing Styles from 1916 to the Present for Men and Women, Including How These Styles Originated and What Messages They Convey

Jessi's research paper was so fantastic, especially the last paragraph, I had to share it with you!

Again, in case you forgot:

A Discussion of the Clothing Styles from 1916 to the Present for Men and Women, Including How These Styles Originated and What Message They Convey
By: Jessica Coffman

The clothes that people wore throughout all these decades more often than not revealed what they were feeling on the inside, whether or not that was their intention. Flappers wore their revealing clothes to reveal their independence apart from the typical view that most people had of women. Emos wore black to show their depression and sadness with their lives. It is sad that so many people are hurting and searching for acceptance, even in what they wear. They know that if they don’t dress “this way” or “that way” then they will be considered an outcast, and nobody wants to be an outcast. Romans 12:2 reminds us, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” We are called by God to be in this world, but not of it. The reason is simply this: God wants everyone to be saved and taken to Heaven to be with Him when our earthly “tents” die. We are called to share that good news with everyone we meet, and according to 2 Timothy 4:5, it is our ministry. We not only need to tell other people about Jesus and His amazing forgiveness and love, but also live it through our actions, and even in the way we dress. If we tell others about Jesus, but then go and dress like the world, then how are we standing out and showing them how God’s love can transform a life and save it? Luke 11:33 says this: “No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a lamp stand, that those who come in may see the light.” We shouldn’t want to dress like the world does because then it would be basically the same thing as hiding our “lamp” under a basket. Our “lamp” is our testimony, and if we act like the world does, it covers our testimony so others cannot see it. We are called to give these hurting people hope in a dying world. Someone’s life could depend on you, and if you could save it, just by doing something as little as dressing modestly and like Jesus would have us dress were He here with us, you should want to do that for Him, because, in fact, He IS here with us, watching us and waiting to see if we will die to ourselves, even a little bit, to do all in our God-given power to save these dying lives for Him.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just an FYI...

Jessi is taking her driving test on Thurs. June 18th at 12pm!
We really are getting old!

We have a 16 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man, I can hardly believe I have a 16 year old!! AND, if we were to think about it, we'd see that at her age, I'd be getting married in 23 days! WOW! It's almost mind boggeling to think of it that way! God's grace and mercy carries us through!! PTL!

Jessi opted for a combined party this year. It made it quite easy really! Her friend Stephanie Roberts was turning 17 in May so they just combined their parties. We all had a great time. Next, when Steve, Barbara & Esther were in town, we had a good time celebrating on Memorial Day, with Aunt Terah as well whose bday is June 4th. Then, on her actual birthday, we joined up with our friend's the Nunez's, Tara's bday is June 1st, and had another great celebration! Jarod capped the night perfectly with his Wonder Boy costume, that kid is a riot! The brownies and ice cream may or may not have contributed to his silliness!!


How on earth did I miss blogging about this??? I even posted that blog about Homeschool Day at the Capitol after it. Maybe that's a glitch... I really am getting old! :-) Well, we DID IT! John ran it in just under 2 hours and my time was 2:37min. I was so glad it was over, I said I'd never do anything like it again. And then time passed and now we are thinking of other runs. John sprained a muscle on the side of his foot so he's gotta be off running for a few weeks. I hurt my knee, apparently an IT Band issue, so haven't run more than 2 miles. Plus, I believe I have strep throat now. Oh well, maybe the time off will be good for my knee. We'll be sure to keep you posted on any new hair brained ideas!

My mom and David arrived at the race just after John finished and they were all there to watch me finish! Jenna, Jarod and Laura all ran with me at the end, on the grass of course. John said it was a great feeling to see me finish. At about the 12 mile marker I almost completely lost it when I realized I was going to finish a half marathon!! But fortunately for me, the kids were enough of a distraction for me to forget the tears! It truly was a great feeling of accomplishment to finish the race. Not even near the feeling of Heaven when we've truly finished THE race I'm sure.

Leah was at a Jr. High girls sleepover so she missed the festivities, we were blessed though to have Mom, David and the rest of the kiddos. We got grocery bags full of goodies to bring home.

Thanks again Margo for the great inspiration to do this thing!!

Family visit

We had a wonderful visit with John's sister Ruth and family the end of April into the beginning of May. We were all sad to see them go. :-( (Jarod and Gabe weren't too into posing for pics, thus the missing children.) Shortly after though, Steve, Barbara and Esther were out for my nephew Chris's highschool graduation. Can you believe this is the only good photo we have from that trip? And it's not even really a good photo! Oh well, I know everyone else was taking pics! At least I hope so!


I forget sometimes how beautiful the snow here is! And how green and luscious it is in May, and this year into June since it hasn't been too hot yet! I don't have pics of the green but I love these of the snow! Oh, I should also specify that these are from April! :-) I've been a little back and forth with my blogging, sorry!