Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our new baby!

I assure you, we don't have a new baby but, it sure does feel like it sometimes! I knew starting a new business would be hard work, I just didn't realize it'd be this hard! Since we opened, on February 1st, I've had one full day where I haven't stepped foot in Fro Yo. Now, there've been days where all we had to do was drop some stuff by but it always took at least an hour. The shop is like quick sand, you step foot in it and it sucks you in until someone throws you a life line.

God is blessing it in amazing ways, it's exciting to watch, for sure! But, I'm looking forward to our trip to Hawaii coming up before we know it. We leave May 6th!

Despite things not being the way I want, life continues on and no one is without food or clothing, or a bed, so I suppose I shouldn't complain! The only major problem hasn't been so much a problem but more a "heart attack". Jenna went missing one afternoon and it resulted in many tears and multiple police officers canvasing the neighborhood. It all ended happy of course, and I don't think any of the children will be taking off to go read a book on a nice day again! It sure does put things in perspective though.

So, while our life feels to be turned upside down right now, we are thankful for the many things that He's given us that are right side up!