Tuesday, August 18, 2009

El Dorado

This last Saturday we went on a hike up in El Dorado Canyon State Park, up near Boulder. Lucy & Laura had other plans so it was just the four kids, John & I & the Nunez family. We were a little concerned about rain but it ended up being a gorgeous day. We all had a fabulous time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around us.

Ashley did some quick math and figured out it was about a 10% grade.
Jarod & Jenna were troopers, they did a great job of keeping up. Jenna managed to bring home about a pound of rocks & Jarod made it out with just a walking stick.

The view was amazing! We live in such a beautiful state!
Taking a group shot was a wonderful excuse to take a break!
John, Jarod & Kory took a loop off of the trail we were on and then caught up to us. Jarod got to commemorate the "guy trip" on a tree!
We were tired but it was a great day!

Coke & Mentos

Thanks to Kory, the girls have been wanting to do a Coke & Mentos experiment. Finally, Jess bought some Diet Coke, we've heard diet works better, and some mentos to try it out. We had to wait a few days because much to their dismay, I made them wait until Dad was here to help. I couldn't do it and take pics, right? We had heard of two different methods. Putting them in, putting the lid back on and then throwing the bottle down and watching it explode like a rocket. Second, you just drop them in and watch it shoot up like a fountain. The first try was the "fountain" method. This proved to be quite fun, and messy. I was standing about 6 feet away and still managed to get some spray on me. The house didn't fare too well either.
Since Jessi only bought 1 bottle of diet coke, she ran to the store real quick to buy a couple more.
Lucy tried the "rocket" method only to find much disappointment. It didn't really work. It got John slightly as he put the cap back on but then that was it, no rocket.

Last, Jessi tried one more "fountain" method. By this time we had moved to the cul-de-sac to avoid more coke bathing for the house. Plus there was ample room for the photographer to zoom in for the shot but still be far enough back to avoid the spray.

It really is quite impressive and all the kids had a blast helping out. Well, standing back and watching really!!

Denver Botanic Gardens

We had a great Saturday morning at Denver Botanic Gardens with Mom. She wanted to find the perfect flower for a GIANT frame in her kitchen. I don't know that we found what was in her head but we got some pretty shots!


I just LOVE the old school Vans. John and I each wore them when we were dating. Jarod needed a new pair and we found these on sale at the Vans store in the mall. Absolutely LOVE them!

While at the mall Jarod and Laura each got to choose one candy from the candy store. No surprise that Jarod chose candy legos!

Kids are so fun when they are losing teeth. Their smiles are hilarious!

Laura is toothless too!