Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wow, I can hardly believe how long it's been since I blogged. It's sad really. Although, it feels like an accurate depiction of where our life has been lately. Crazy, ridiculously, amazingly busy! The end of July, the 31st to be exact, John and I asked ourselves a question. We'd been asking our San Diego friends for quite sometime but this particular day, we turned and asked ourselves, "why don't WE open a frozen yogurt shop here"? This started the chaos that immediately followed. It hasn't let up yet, it's just intensified! I'll spare you the long drawn out details that unfortunately, some of you have already been bored with. The gist of the matter is this, God moved in mighty amazing ways, through His word, through people all around us - that we knew and didn't know, and opened all the doors necessary for this to happen. Fro Yo will be opening, Lord willing, in January. Here's the link to the FB page, although not really exciting, yet.
http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Fro-Yo/146938318682108 The website will follow soon.

We've felt the love and support from ALL of our dear friends and family, your prayers and long phone conversations, not to mention your willingness to share your wisdom with us has been priceless, we don't know that we can every fully express our gratitude for all the input our friends and family have offered us in this new endeavor.

That's really all that's been taking up our time around here. There's the usual school, laundry, etc. But, who wants to hear about that? The greatest reprieve from all this nonsense was a visit from some dear friends. The same friends that we had nagged for years to move to Colorado and open a frozen yogurt shop. I find it kind of ironic that we FINALLY signed the lease the week before they arrived. We had a fantastic week of WAY too much food and lots of fun fellowship. We toured Denver, saw the Mint and Hammonds. The 16th St. mall, where Fro Yo will be of course, and even squeezed in a trip to our hot tub where our hair froze! Down in the Springs we saw Garden of the God's, Manitou Springs and Focus on the Family. I think my favorite was the time spent at the kitchen table. NO, not eating, although that was FANTASTIC, but spending time hanging out and playing games. Of course, the times that I won are at the top of the list! :-)

There was also a 5 day break where John and I flew to Portland to attend Yo University, a "yogurt class" if you will, on everything we needed to know to successfully do this! The bonus, Jessi happened to be there on her practicum with the School of E. We got to spend a few freezing nights evangelizing at Pioneer Sq. It was a great reminder that all is not about Fro Yo right now!

I also took a small trip to surprise Jess in Oct. That was certainly a wonderful visit!
Now, we are anxiously awaiting our final two approvals from the Fire Dept and the Town of Parker. Then, it's crunch time! I imagine with my "special" relationship with the contractor, we shouldn't have too many delays, at least on our end.

Our tree is up, John's hung the Christmas lights and we are ready to welcome Jessi home on the 22nd. Those things make it easy to remember what life is really all about. While this is a fun adventure for our whole family, Jarod and Laura can't WAIT to work there, it's nothing compared to the adventure we have in Jesus! Merry Christmas all! Oh, and, how could I forget, the cards will be going out soon! (check)