Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whoa, slow down!

I can hardly believe that summer is basically over. We'll be starting school in a week or two and it seems like we just finished, in time for our Israel trip. John and I joke about how fast it went, "remember our trip to New York and Israel, like two years ago?" We say it all the time. Throw in the whirlwind trip to San Diego for Jessi's graduation, DC for Granny's funeral and that's all she wrote, summer is over!
We were able to get rid of our swing set from the back yard, plant three new trees and over 20 new bushes, I strongly disliked the boring yellow flower bushes that we had. Now, all that's left is rototilling the dirt so it'll be ready for a garden next year. That will be quite the adventure for our family, seeing as we've never done that before! I'm excited to eat of our own produce though!
Last week we sent Jessi off to the School of Evangelism in San Diego. The day proved to be a little tougher than I had anticipated but, as the days go by, each one is easier. And, thanks to technology, enter Kip's song here if you like, we can keep in touch very easily and still feel a large part of each others lives. We know Jessi is surrounded by lots of good friends and family and that makes it that much easier as well. Before we know it, December will be here and she'll be coming home! Of course, by then, who knows what the Lord will have for her!
We had a great last few days before Jess flew out, complete with a new family shot as well as individuals of the kids. This picture says it all, there is no love like the love you have for your incredibly cool, bossy, fun big sister, she really encapsulates it all! We love and miss you Jess!