Monday, July 10, 2017

chiang mai

We woke up yesterday realizing our $18 a night hotel rooms werent quite how we wanted to finish out the week. We got a partial refund credit with and Lindsay found a great hotel called Grand Nepat. They have 2 bedroom family units that are $125 a night per family, rather than the $52 a night per family. Totally worth it. We have little kitchenettes, no smoking smell - the cheap hotel reaked of it - an actual free breakfast - the cheap hotel had toast and coffee - and I'd say the most comfortable bed in Asia!

Once we switched hotels we set out for some authentic Thai food. Chiang Mai is proving to be a little cheaper than Phuket which is awesome. We had a giant spread for lunch and it was about $30 total for the 9 of us. Dinner was the same, with so much food we couldn't finish, for about $15 total!

After lunch we decided to check out the water park at Grand Canyon. An old rock quary thats filled with water. We took a red taxi truck and spent the rainy afternoon playing in the wayer. It was so much fun!

After our dinner of pork buns, meat skewers and the best pho I've ever had, we finished up a game of Phase 10 and hit the hay!

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