Monday, July 3, 2017

hoi an & cham island

Wow. Today was spectacular! After some delicious fresh made to order omlette, bacon, dragon fruit, passion fruit and banana juice, we left at 8am to jump on a boat to Cham Island. There we picked out our seafood lunch and ate sea urchin and some grilled snails for second breakfast. Both were surprisingly delicious.

Then we dropped off our chosen sea creatures to be prepared for lunch while we snorkled near by. We came back to eat, octopus, squid, crab, mackerel, grouper and shrimp. They also brought out veggies and a delicious rice noodle dish.

Then it was time to relax on the beach while the kids all jumped around on inflatable bouncy slides on the water.

The cold shower after the awesome experience felt marvelous and then we played cribage until 6pm when we caught the shuttle into the old city.

I had heard the old city of Hoi An compared to Tangled. I would have to agree. This lantern filled area lights up at night! Lanterns all over town as well as candle lit lanterns in the water. Everone but the dads got a lantern and we set them free from a boat out in the water. Ending our amazing day with a magical moment. It felt like something straight out of Epcot. Or rather, something Epcot should incirporate into Their park! 😂

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