Wednesday, July 5, 2017

hoi an to siem reap

We enjoyed our final day in Hoi An. Did some shopping, ate some awesome Melona ice cream bars, the banana are my favorite, banh mi for lunch, the kids swam in the pool and we played cribbage. You'll see in tye pics below, they're telecom system is a little different from ours.

Had no trouble at the small airport checking in. The kids had Burger King for Dinner and we ate Chinese food. So delicious! We tried to solve the mystery of tye $150 wood bead bracelets they were selling at the airport, I thought for sure they meant $15 but it really was a $150!! With the language barrier, the best we got out of the conversation was "old wood". Guess thats something to google!

The flight was great and we landed in Siem Reap to pouring rain! We are staying our first few nights here at The Community School of Hope where we can volunteer with the school kids and help with English.

When we arrived and were settled into our rooms, they served us hot tea, the best fresh mango EVER, pink dragon fruit - Vietnam had white - mini bananas and dried mango. It sounds like you're deep in a jungle. There were beetles flying around, you hear crickets and frogs and lizzards were joining us too! It'll be great to see how it all looks in the day light! And it wouldn't be complete without the  obnoxious rooster that woke everyone early this morning. 😂

Our plan for today is to visit some temples and hopefully get to interact with the kids in the school.

The video is a time lapse of the crazy traffic here!!

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