Thursday, July 13, 2017


We were picked up at 8:30am this morning, JUST as my last pic uploaded for yesterdays blog!

We had lost our mifi yesterday but the ziplining place found it in their van and will bring it back to us tomorrow. We also found Jennas camera battery and charger at our previous hotel and stopped to pick that up on our way out of town!

Our first stop was a local market. We saw the usual fan fare, got spicy papaya salad, fried chicken, and iced coffee.

Next stop was Sticky Falls. Its fed by a calcium rich stream and made of limestone and SUPER grippy. Most of us climbed all the way up the falls. Barefoot or in flipflops. We ended the falls trip with ice cream.

We were amazed arriving at the Chiang Mai Treehouse resort. They have many different treehouse options. We have two of the family size units. We used some of their bicycles and explored a bat cave near by. Accross the road was a view of a lake and then we rode back. The bikes were beach cruiser types but the terrain was mtn bike. So we got a little muddy, but had some great laughs!

Had a nice afternoon swim in the creek and then played games.

Dinner was chicken and also fish with soup and rice. Dessert was white AND pink dragon fruit.

After dinner was a highlight for my day. A walk to the banana grove where we saw.....


Now we're hangin' in the common area playing games and even got to facetime with Leah.

Its been a great day!

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