Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Lindsay did the research and found this amazing place. Elephant Rescue Park. There are a bunch of places here in Thailand and Lindsay chose this place for their care of the elephants. The booking company made a mistake so we got the full day package at the half day price. Works for us!

We started our day at the market where our guide had us buy some sugar cane candy as a treat for the elephants. We perused the now normal sightings, weird and exotic fruits and veggies, bugs and frogs this time. We got some smoothies and then drove to a place called, Poo Poo Paper. Where they taught us about making paper with ELEPHANT POO!

Once there we put on our special elephant outfits. They showed us how to cut down the sugar cane for the elephants, and then we had a wonderful lunch. After lunch we made a special concoction for the elephants. Banana, rice, salt and tamarind. We mushed it all together with our hands.

And then finally, TIME TO MEET THE ELEPHANTS!!!!!!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

When we arrived back to the hotel, we celebrated 7/11 by getting slurpees at the local 7/11. We enjoyed reminiscing how Leah was in labor with Blythe a year ago when we got our free slurpees last year. We had to pay for ours here but it was less than .20 each so in my book, thats free!

For dinner we went to the Chiang Mai night market for shopping and some good food.

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