Saturday, July 8, 2017

phuket tigers

We had a lazy morning and then took the shuttle into town. There we found, Mc Donalds! The first we've seen on this trip! We tried a spicy pork burger and ordered some fries and cheeseburgers too. It was delicious! Then we bought mugs at Starbucks and walked through the mall.

We hired a taxi driver for the day and decided to visit Tiger Kingdom. What an experience! Because the kids were under 16 we could only get close to the smallest size tigers. 2-4 months old. New born tigers cost almost double and you have to be 16 or older to get close to small, medium or big tigers. Honestly, we completely enjoyed the size we got. The tigers were great and even played a little with a giant palm frond toy. Memorable, thats for sure. And I only got a few welts on my arm from the encounter, and just a little sneezy.

Our driver took us back to our hotel to get our swm suits and then we spent the afternoon at Noi Harn Beach. John has had a fever today so really enjoyed napping in the warm air, on the beach. We had some yummy snacks and then went to the night market.

The night market was phenominal. Electronics, clothes - new and second hand, food galore, jewelry etc. Etc. Etc. This market had everything! Jarod got a JBL bluetooth speaker and he and John got BOSE bluetooth headphones for a total of $78. Sounds like a great deal to me! On the drive back to the hotel, Cami was munching on some crickets. So Laura and I each tried one. They were actually good. Who knew! 😁

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