Sunday, July 2, 2017

we made it!

Good morning Vietnam! You gotta say it at least a couple times. WHEN YOU'RE IN VIETNAM!!

Got to sleep in a little bit in San Francisco and then headed back to the airport. Got another yummy breakfast in The Club, and this time, made our connecting flight! We had some of the BEST flight crew, ever. Seriously, fantastic. Sometimes, a smile goes a long way. They put the cockpit audio on channel 9 for Jenna, brought us some chocolate truffles from first class because, "it looks like you two are in love" ❤️, and tyen literally held the cleaning crew off so us ladies could check out the cockpit of a 747. United is retiring these bad boys in just a few months, so that was awesome! John exchcanged numbers with one of the flight attendants so he can help him do a tankless water heater install. Too bad John's not an extrovert, he could make so many more friends. 😂
We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Seoul, waiting 5 hoirs for our flight to Da Nang. Theres a lot to do there! They have cultural centers where they put in little shows and have Korean crafts to do. And a nice food court with some delicious Korean fare.

Just as we were getting ready to pull back from the gate it started pouring rain. It delayed about 30min but not too bad. At one point we saw a flash of lightning just as we hit some turbulence. Half the plane gasped. John slept right through! 😁

Our e-visas were a piece of cake, and after John received a giggling compliment from airport security, "you're handsome", we immediately saw our driver with our name on a sign and were driven right to the hotel! And now, sweet, sweet sleep! Tomorrow, a boat ride, some snorkling and lunch, and probably a nap, on the beach, can't wait!

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